The Meadville Field Archers held their third annual Snowshoe-Archery Biathlon on Saturday, January 28, 2017.  

This unique event combines racing on Snowshoes and Archery shooting.  Boy Scout Troop 210 once again assisted the Meadville Field Archers.  You may register online or mail an entry form.

Photos will be viewable on Facebook soon!

The 2017 Spreadsheet with Time Splits is available at the bottom of this page.  Here are the top ten overall results:

Bib Name Lap 1 Shoot 1 Lap 2 Shoot 2 Lap 3 Shoot 3 Overall Place
11 Melinda Rostron 9m 18s 122s 8m 13s 96s 8m 18s 82s 30m 49s 9
12 Eugene Bocan 6m 47s 38s 6m 46s 64s 6m 8s 30s 21m 53s 4
13 Grant Wardian 3m 59s 29s 4m 58s 34s 4m 4s 42s 14m 46s 1
14 J.D. McCrory 8m 21s 39s 8m 10s 42s 7m 29s 42s 26m 3s 8
15 Jake McCrory 7m 6s 60s 6m 32s 96s 6m 38s 41s 23m 33s 6
16 Ben McCrory 9m 20s 138s 9m 22s 113s 12m 45s 90s 37m 8s 10
18 Thomas Wheaton 4m 53s 54s 6m 14s 38s 5m 30s 33s 18m 42s 2
19 Jason Traud 5m 19s 87s 5m 59s 45s 6m 15s 57s 20m 42s 3
20 Nolan Vorisek 7m 18s 38s 6m 42s 32s 6m 26s 37s 22m 13s 5
21 Shane Ruf 8m 47s 107s 6m 12s 74s 6m 3s 90s 25m 33s 7

Registration Form and Event Poster are available at the bottom of this page.


Darry Buttray
Meadville Field Archers
(814) 795-1771

Donald Wheaton
Boy Scout Troop 210
(814) 587-2649

Questions & Answers:

What is the Snowshoe-Archery Biathlon?  The Snowshoe-Archery Biathlon is similar to the traditional sport of Biathlon, except instead of cross-country skiing you will use snowshoes and instead of shooting rifle you'll shoot a bow and arrow.

Who does the Snowshoe-Archery Biathlon benefit?  The Snowshoe-Archery Biathlon will benefit the Meadville Field Archers.  Boy Scout Troop 210 will also help in organizing the Snowshoe-Archery Biathlon.

Do you need to bring a bow? No

Can I use my own bow? No.  You will use the bows supplied by the Meadville Field Archers to make it fair and safe for everyone.

Do I need to carry a bow or arrows while snowshoeing?  No.  The bows and arrows will be waiting at the shooting stops.

Do you need to bring snowshoes? No

Can you use your own snowshoes? Yes, as long as they are properly sized for your weight.

Do you have to use snowshoes? No.  If you don't use snowshoes, your time will have a multiplier applied to it.  The multiplier will favor completing the event for snowshoes as compared to running the event.

What do I wear on my feat to best use the snowshoes?  Insulated, waterproof boots; leather hiking boots.  Footwear extending above your ankle may be required to properly fasten the snowshoes.

Do you need hiking poles? No

Can I use hiking poles? Yes

Do you supply hiking poles? Yes, some are available.

How long is the course? The course will be approximately 1 mile.

What if there is no snow? The race will still be held.  You will snowshoe through the grass or mud or whatever condition exist.

Will the course be groomed?  Yes, the course will be prepared to try to make it equally fair throughout the day.

How many shooting stops are on the course?  The number of shooting stops will be determined as the course is laid out.  Last year there were four shooting stops, including one practice stop that was untimed.

In Biathlon, when you miss a target, you have to do a penalty lap.  What happens if you miss a target? You keep shooing until you get 15 points or for a maximum of 5-minutes. Targets hits can score 10, 8, or 5 points.

Do you get a chance to practice shooting? Yes. You’ll start at the shooting range. The time won’t start until you’ve scored your first 15 points. You’ll then move on to do your first snowshoe loop before returning to shoot again.

How many snowshoe loops will there be? There are three loops of roughly 1/3-mile.

How will the race be staged?  The race will be run as a time trial.  At the end of the day, the overall positions will be determined by the people with the lowest time.  Competitors will start at various intervals.  There will be more than one personal on the course at a time.  There will be enough targets available for all competitors on the course at any one time.

What are the race premiums?  Pre-registered competitors will receive a t-shirt (or long-sleeved shirt?).  Competitors will receive up to two hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate).  Late registrations will receive shirts as long as they are available. 

How old do you need to participate?  You must be least 10-years old.  Children under 17 must be accompanied by a guardian

Where is the Meadville Field Archers located? 15497 Inlet Road, Harmonsburg, PA 16422, but most online maps will miss the mark.  This Google Map will show the precise location:

Donald Wheaton,
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